Weekly core team meetings: Mondays 7:30 – 9:00 PM (hosted via videoconference)

Monthly statewide leadership meetings: Every third Monday 7:30 – 9:00 PM (hosted via videoconference)

Ad-hoc downline meetings hosted in person and via videoconference

Our strategy rests on the conviction that the only way to make progressive change happen is to do it from the bottom up. We believe that there are many valid ways to pursue that goal, but that one of the most effective is for us to simply take our seat at the table – specifically, by getting our fellow progressives elected to key local positions in sufficient numbers that, within the Democratic Party and within local government, our voices can no longer be ignored.

Since the 2016 election, many Democratic grassroots groups have emerged in New Jersey that share our vision for how to bring about truly transformative change. At the same time, tens of thousands of our fellow progressive citizens have come out to fight back against what they see happening in our society – many of whom want to know that they can do something that will have a meaningful, long-lasting impact on the direction our country takes.

We seek to unify these forces into a sustainable political movement within New Jersey by doing two things:

  • Supporting like-minded progressive groups by bringing their leaders together across the state to share learnings and incubate ideas, and by assisting them with candidate endorsements, research, and GOTV activities
  • Activating the broader community of progressive citizens to get involved with our cause by giving them resources to engage at whatever level best suits their interests, whether it be taking a stab at pursuing local office or running for a position within the local Democratic Party, assisting us in our core activities, or using us as a springboard for tackling the issues they care about the most.

Our strategy aligns with that of groups like Our Revolution and the Working Families Party which see the Democratic Party as a key ally in the fight for social and economic justice, but which look to guide it toward being the party of the New Deal and the Great Society rather than the party of corporate interests. We pursue our strategy at the service of a core set of issues that are consistent with with the values of Bernie Sanders’ supporters and of many third-party progressives. And we believe it is by seeking unity through persuasion and bold action that we can build the momentum we need to take our country back from the forces that are committed to throwing us into the dark.

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