As a member of Our Revolution, we embrace the national platform on the issue of universal healthcare coverage.

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We find it offensive that a country with our wealth spends as much as it does on healthcare with only modest returns and with so much of the cost burden placed on those who can afford it the least. We find it particularly offensive that, because of the mess our healthcare system is in today, many Americans must choose between life-saving care and other basic necessities, or stay in a bad job in order to maintain healthcare coverage, or live in fear that the next medical emergency could mean financial ruin.

We believe that the only answer is a single-payer healthcare system – Medicare for all – that guarantees every citizen access to at least a decent level of care, incentivizes practices that improve quality of outcomes, and integrates services and negotiates drug prices to get health costs under control. We strongly defend the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) as an interim step toward a single-payer system, and support progressive legislators who do what is necessary to fight its repeal. And, we support any and all efforts to defend and expand Medicaid to protect our most vulnerable citizens from being denied even a basic level of care.

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