As a member of Our Revolution, we embrace the national platform on the issue of economic justice.

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We believe that an economy that works well for a privileged elite while leaving the vast majority of people out in the cold is an immoral economy that can only breed instability and resentment while eroding faith in our basic institutions. And we believe it is time for America to join with other advanced nations in building its economy so that it works for all of its citizens and not just a wealthy few.

We therefore support a living wage, pay equity, and a return to commonsense labor, consumer, and financial regulations that can restore the public’s trust while keeping our economy from being hijacked by the unbridled greed of the billionaire class. We support investments in infrastructure and education that can get our citizens back to work and back to having money in their pockets to spend, while making changes to the tax code to ensure that wealthy corporations and individuals join the rest of the citizenry in kicking in their fair share. And we support the development of public programs and institutions that can give entrepreneurs and working people new opportunities to unleash their energies toward producing goods and services of genuine value to society without being endlessly undermined by the shortsighted interests of Wall Street bankers and financiers.

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