Pulitzer Prize Winner Chris Hedges on Why Our Republic is Dying

Watch Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges compare the downfall of ancient Rome to our current state of politics and destitution. We are living in a now-dying democracy sustained barely by the moral bankruptcy of the corporate-controlled state. "These idiots only know one word - more; they are unencumbered by no common sense", Hedges states. He compares our current president to "the blood-thirsty megalomaniac emperor Commodus who used his position as in ancient Rome to stage his own narcissistic lie while his nation became bankrupt."  All are to blame: the Democrats, the Republicans, the media, and even entertainers.

But he also points out that the current condition of our politics is not a cause but a symptom of a deeper rot that benefits the few at the expense of the many. And, he makes clear that none of this is inevitable -- that we have it in our power to turn away from the dehumanizing values that pervade our society and embrace a better vision through our personal and political choices.