Working Americans just can't seem to get ahead. We work longer and harder yet our wages remain stagnant, our living expenses continue to rise, and our families continue to struggle just to get by.

This is our reality. What matters most is that economic policies are taking our livelihood away and are leaving us behind in every aspect. Our future is uncertain.

Meanwhile, the top 1% plays by a very different set of rules. They are only out for themselves and their families. They continue to consolidate their wealth at the expense of the middle class and the disenfranchised. This is what they intend to do with our healthcare system. Our education and prison systems are next.

There is hope! We can make change happen. As a revolution, we elected to educate ourselves on how to stop this disastrous trend and then spread the word. We hope you will join us?

OurRevNJ Volunteers is providing this free webinar presented by the New Jersey Work Environment Council so that you can learn about the horrific reality of runaway economic inequality and what you can do to stop it!