Taking a Seat in the NJ Democratic Party


Rich McFarlane on transforming the party

Watch former Bernie delegate Rich McFarlane talk about the reasons why we need to transform the Democratic Party in order to have a voice within American politics. 

We at ORNJV are committed to providing support to those who want to take the plunge in running to join the rank-and-file in the NJ Democratic county committees or state committee. We can help you determine whether this is right for you, and, if it is, we can provide you tools and guidance that will help you to succeed. Click here if you think this could be you.

(Case study coming soon!)

Interested in getting involved, but not sure you’d want to pursue a position? Here’s what else you can do to help


We are proud to support everyday progressives who run for office or for positions within the Democratic Party in NJ – and we openly declare our support for them to help their campaigns gain momentum.

See who we have endorsed in the past, and learn about some of the success stories

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