April 2017


Our strategy rests on the conviction that the only way to make progressive change happen is to do it from the bottom up. We believe that there are many valid ways to pursue that goal, but that one of the most effective is for us to simply take our seat at the table – specifically, by getting our fellow progressives elected to key local positions in sufficient numbers that, within the Democratic Party and within local government, our voices can no longer be ignored.

Our Revolution "State of the Revolution" Livestream

Hey former (and new) Trenton4Bernie supporters and friends – our important work with Bernie Sanders continues into a new and exciting phase – we’ve become an affiliate of Bernie’s “Our Revolution” movement. On April 23rd at 3:30 pm Sunday we’re gathering at the Trenton Social (449 S Broad St, Trenton, NJ) along with hundreds of Our Revolution local groups to kick off the next phase of our national organizing plan. We’ll be joined via livestream by Nina Turner, Lucy Flores, Larry Cohen, and one of Our Revolution’s 2016 candidates and group leaders, Mike Connolly, as we discuss the next steps for Our Revolution. On the livestream, we'll celebrate our victories, locally and nationally, outline the integral role local groups will play in building our movement, and give groups the resources and tools they need to take immediate action after the stream (4-5 PM). After the stream, OurRevNJ will facilitate a local discussion regarding the our local group's part in the larger movement. RSVP ASAP: https://go.ourrevolution.com/page/event/detail/gpghyj